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Landslide at the Wissower Ufer, 2022 (Silvergelatine Print, 38 x 48cm)


Cretaceous Period - Landscapes of Jasmund

Exhibition Project 2018 - 2023


June 5th - October 30th 2022, open daily 11 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Galerie Uhleck.Hagen, Zur Uhleck 3, 18551 Lohme / Hagen, Insel Rügen


Ostsee Zeitung, June 5th 2022

About the project

My first encounter with Rügen was reading the almost forgotten novel "The Sea" by Bernhard Kellermann from 1923. It is set on a completely different island, the French island of Ouessant, the westernmost settlement in France, off the coast of Brittany. The main role in the novel is played by the forces of nature. This book awakened my longing for such an island, and when I came to Rügen for the first time in 2018, I discovered the local, quite different forces of nature. Not a raging sea and grotesque cliffs, but chalk cliffs that, freed from the weight of the last ice age, still rise up only to break off again bit by bit, taking everything with them. Thus, the landscape on Rügen is often proverbially on the brink of collapse. The white walls of chalk, formed by tiny fossils, spit out flints that have persisted in them for millions of years. The landscape is at the same time an archive of the earth's history, on the other hand a very mobile, sometimes deadly natural phenomenon.