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Park wall, 2018 (Silvergelatine Print, 38 x 48cm)


Gutspark Karwe

Exhibition project 2018 - 2020


Group exhibition for the Brandenburg Art Prize 2021 in Schloss Neuhardenberg May 9th until August 22nd 2021

Shown for the first time in the group exhibition »Wildnis, Gelände, Natur«
with works from Ursula Böhmer, Ingar Krauss and Werner Mahler.
March 27th until May 30th 2021 at Galerie Amalienpark|Raum für Kunst in Berlin-Pankow


Christina Tilmann »Bilder vom Werden und Vergehen - Fotografien aus Berlin und Brandenburg im Raum für Kunst Amalienpark« April 7th 2021 in the Märkische Oderzeitung

About the project

»Our way leads us today to Carwe. It lies on the eastern shore of Lake Ruppin.
and a Wustrauer fisherman will take us there in half an hour.
The eastern shores of the lake, at least on its southern half, are richly forested and have a picturesque, almost romantic effect. ... We jump onto the shore and find ourselves in the park of Carwe. It is quite large, laid out with much taste and in a simply noble style, - the whole predominantly a creation of our 'Junker vom Regiment von Kalkstein' of the Field Marshal von dem Knesebeck, who died on January 12, 1848.«
So wrote Theodor Fontane in the »The County of Ruppin« volume of his »Walks through the Mark Brandenburg.«

I first discovered the estate park in the preceding text, during my work on the exhibition »Brandenburger Notizen: Fontane - Krüger - Kienzle«.. A little later I met Krafft von dem Knesebeck, who had started an initiative to restore the park. He told me then that I could photograph the park in the coming year again in the former, orderly condition. It had become completely overgrown over the years. This appealed to me so much that I immediately started visiting the park and photographing in it to record the planned changes over time.
The landscape park bears the signature of Peter Joseph Lenné, even though there is no evidence of his direct involvement in its design. This nestles on the hilly, southeastern shore of Lake Ruppin and along two arable fields. Two "corridors" between the fields, still overgrown in the summer of 2018, have been made accessible again. Historic stone benches were discovered in both "corridors", from which views to Lake Ruppin and Karwe are possible. The visual axis to the lake has been cleared again. On the "Kirschberg", in the middle of the park, there used to be a grove with fruit trees, which had recently become completely overgrown. In 2019, a large area there was cleared and a new orchard was planted.
The park association Parkverein Karwe with volunteers takes care of the park in regular work sessions.