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Indian cricket players at Tempelhof Field, Berlin, 2019

Victoire ... a true child of the city, was sincerely enchanted by anything and everything she saw on both sides of the path ... Finally, at the top of the hill was a dirt trail leading between the poplars where one could once more trot quickly along on the way to Tempelhof. Kites rose beside the road, swallows shot back and forth, and the steeples of the nearest villages flashed on the horizon.

Theodor Fontane: »Schach von Wuthenow«, 1883



Exhibition and publication project, 2002 – 2019

»Fontane´s Berlin« 20.9.2019 – 5.1.2020
Exhibition of the Stadtmuseum Berlin at Märkisches Museum.
Opening September 19th.

Publication »Sein Glück verdienen – Theodor Fontanes zeitlose Heldinnen«
with the writer Burkhard Spinnen, published by Knesebeck Verlag], 2012